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Smart Water Level Controller

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Efficient. Reliable. Smart.

Automatic Water Level Controller

Team EnergyBots brings to you Flosenso – a unique and powerful IoT-based water level controller that will automatically regulate the water input in your storage tanks and save you costs, energy and peace of mind. Flosenso ensures optimal water management, continuous supply of water, and a sustainable future. Say goodbye to manual water monitoring and let FloSenso take control of your water management process!

At our core, we believe in leveraging technology to address real-world challenges, and there’s no greater challenge today than water scarcity. With FloSenso, we are taking a significant step towards a sustainable future by enabling smarter and more efficient water management.

M. Murali Mohan -

CEO, Energy Bots Pvt. Ltd


Ensure Water Sufficiency with Automatic Water Level Controller

The requirement of an automatic water level controller stems from the need for convenience, water conservation, equipment protection, and maintaining optimal water conditions. Flosenso simplifies water management, enhances efficiency, and promotes sustainable use of this life-giving resource.

Monitor Water Level

Get real-time updates on your water levels through the intuitive Flosenso mobile app. Stay informed or manually remote control your water storage system, even when you’re away from home.

Water Conservation

Use our water tank level sensor to precisely maintain the desired water level and prevent tank overflows. FloSenso helps conserve water and prevent wastage. Enjoy the benefits of being environmentally conscious while reducing your water bills.

Water Conservation

Use our water tank level sensor to precisely maintain the desired water level and prevent tank overflows. FloSenso helps conserve water and prevent wastage. Enjoy the benefits of being environmentally conscious while reducing your water bills.

Save Energy &Costs

Optimize pump usage and reduce energy consumption by automating pump operations based on water levels. Minimize unnecessary pumping and ensure efficient water distribution.

Alarms & Notifications

Receive instant alerts and notifications via email, SMS, or mobile app notifications when water levels reach critical points or when anomalies are detected. Take immediate action to prevent downtime and disruptions.

Everyday Water Challenges

Are you stressed due to

Adopt Flosenso! Automate your water management! Beat the Water Stress with Flosenso!


Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Dry Run protection prevents the water pump from operating without water and saves it from malfunctioning. The Flosenso controller detects water source and if there is no water in the line, automatically switches off the pump, and saves it from getting damaged.

The Auto Mode ON/OFF feature of the Flosenso controller decides whether the water pump will operate automatically or manually. The Auto Mode ON feature automates the water pump operations. The water pump automatically starts operating when the water tank level reaches the minimum threshold and switches OFF on reaching the maximum tank level. While in the Auto Mode OFF, the water pump needs to be operated manually.

Yes, Flosenso works with all types of plastic tanks.

In the Flosenso app, go to the Dashboard and select the tank name, to view its water level.

In the Flosenso app, go to the Dashboard. Select the “All Devices” option, and then select the “Add Scheduler” icon to set your scheduler.

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Technical Specifications

Leveraging IoT technology to stop water wastage

Flosenso is designed on IoT technology that works on sensors to automatically begin tank refilling as soon as the minimum threshold level is reached. It facilitates remote pump operations and delivers real time updates on your smart phones. Give way to manual water monitoring and let technology automate the water storage process!

Why Choose FloSenso?

Small Efforts Make a Huge Difference

Maintaining an ideal water level in your overhead tanks can be a tedious task. Often water storage tanks experience overflows when the filling mechanisms are not properly regulated. This can result in significant water wastage if the overflow goes unnoticed or unaddressed.

Cutting-edge Technology

Flosenso is an IoT-based Automatic Water Level Controller that leverages the latest advancements in IoT, sensors, and connectivity to deliver a reliable and robust solution.

Saving on Energy and Costs

Flosenso helps save money by limiting the waste of water and electricity. It accurately regulates energy and protects against any unnecessary water/electricity usage.

Easy Installation and Integration

Our team of experts has ensured a hassle-free installation process. We provide comprehensive support and guidance for integrating our solution into your existing infrastructure.

Reliable Support and Maintenance

Team Flosenso offers complete support and maintenance services to ensure smooth operation of our system. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you and address any concerns

Automatic Water Management

Take control of your water management with our IoT-based Automatic Water Level Controller. So, no more missed water supply.

FloSenso App

App-based Functions for Remote Operations

The Flosenso mobile application enhances the functionality of our automatic water level controller by offering real-time monitoring, remote control capabilities, alerts and notifications, access to historical data, integration with sensors and automation systems, and promoting water conservation. These features empower users to effectively manage their water resources, prevent wastage, and ensure an adequate water supply.

The Flosenso mobile app enables users to monitor water levels in tanks, reservoirs, or other storage containers in real-time. The app connects to the water level controller and displays the current water level information on the user’s mobile device. This allows users to stay informed about the availability of water without physically checking the storage containers.

The cloud based Flosenso mobile app provides remote control capabilities, enabling users to operate the water level controller from anywhere. Users can turn the pump ON or OFF, depending on the water level status, ensuring efficient water management. This remote control feature is particularly useful when users want to start or stop the water supply remotely, saving time and effort.

The Flosenso mobile app sends notifications and alerts to users based on predefined thresholds or conditions. For example, if the water level drops below a certain point or reaches a critical level, the app can immediately notify the user. This enables timely action to be taken, such as initiating a refill or investigating a potential water leakage.

The Flosenso app integrates with ultrasonic sensor to accurately measure water levels. By connecting these sensors to the water level controller and the mobile app, users can receive precise and reliable data. Additionally, the integrated app allows water level controllers to operate autonomously based on predefined rules and schedulers.

To ensure your water supply at preset timings, the Flosenso app gives options to schedule the timer for pump operations. At those preset times and time duration the pump begins and ends tank refueling, without any manual intervention.

The Flosenso application acts as our Customer Service Helpdesk, and enables users to raise service requests, track the status of requests, and log complaints in real time.

There may be several Flosenso devices configured in one location or across multiple locations for a user. The Flosenso app enables the user to monitor and manage all configured devices on a single dashboard.

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